Hello to all my Readers out there 18.02.2009

A big smile to all my readers in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Spain and Australia. I feel very honored that you spend time with the essence of my work. I hope you enjoy my imagery and please let me know if you have any questions, wishes or suggestions. Please send this to izense(a)gmail.com.
Some of you already contacted me and here is the answer of the mainquestion: Yes I am planing to include Photoshop and HDR Tutorials soon. I just need more time to be able to give all my attention. You can send me ideas, what you would like to know about Landscape Photography, PS CS3 and Photomatix (HDR) and i will pic them, post them with my answers and some example images! So lets start folks. It depends of your interest. Cheers Madeleine
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