Rainbows for You 14.02.2009

People decided that the 14th of February is called Valentine's Day. When you are in Love you are supposed to give a present to your other half to proof hoooooow much you love him or her. So far so good. What people don't know is, that Valentine's Day should be called "Argue-Day" because most of us simply forget about that human decision and are in big trouble. Or we should call it "Waste-Your-Money-Day". Damien Rice sings: " ...they call it Christmas when the adverts begin". I think that we can replace "christmas" with "Valentine's Day". Or we should call it "Kitsch-Day". My mind is in pain to observe how love finds expression in ugly little objects, kitschy postcards or a bunch of roses with a little smiling comic bear figure in the middle. I hope the world is not too busy to buy stuff to cover that guilty feeling not to express our love in the form of a product. :D

Now....for all the lovers out there....a real present of nature. It is hard not to feel love in front of the glory of rainbows. Rainbows are an experience and not a product, you can't force them to appear, you can't attach to them, you can't hurt them because they are unconditional... like love. They bring a smile into our faces and the smile comes from inside of us, the place of inspiration and love. So to make sure that you will smile today....here they are. Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage

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