Stunning Ring of Kerry Sunsets 17.02.2009

On 15th February i witnessed the most beautiful sunset in Kerry I've ever seen.....without my camera. Every Photographer will share my painful feeling, not be able to capture it. Anyway, it was my birthday, so a great present of nature to me and TIME to enjoy it, instead of being busy with camera setups... The next day i hoped to get something similar and nature suprised again. I love that about nature. It was different, still powerful. I took tons of images which i will process in the next few days and share with you. It was a hell of work because the light conditions were difficult and I included longterm exposure - stitching becomes annoying. To be able to capture all nuances of light i used 3 different exposures and merged them in Photomatix. HDR can be painful. The processing took about 3 hours. Well I have endless patience for the display of natural beauty. Enjoy. Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage

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