Leprechaun and Kerry Forests

Can you see the Leprechaun? I do ( : 3.03.2009

Well, forests are easy for our eyes but not easy to capture with the camera. I am still obsessed with developing techniques to deal with the complex forest light. The absence of wind in Kerry means: you have to shoot lakes, the sea (focus on reflexions) or forests (no movement = HDR heaven). "Kerry forest" means = peacefull world! Rarely i can rest in natural great peace like i do in these forests. It is like meditation....watching the sun beams and the slow movements of these huge creatures and the mind is drunk with beauty and stops to chaise useless thoughts. Anyway: as soon as my photographer brain is switched on, i am the most busy being at this place. Sunbeams don't stay forever! Busy with beauty.... i can't imagine a better life! back to Homepage www.calaido.com

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