Carrauntohil & Paddy's Day by / Kerry Highlands

Carrauntohil & Paddy's Day 17.03.2009

Today is paddys day and the first stunning spring day....what a happy sun. People asked me why I am still in town and not shoting in nature. Well the light seems to be briliant but actually it is horrible until 5-6 o'clock. Useless to to shoot before. Sunny days are the most difficult ones for colour freaks like I am. Will let you know the next few days what i captured today ( ;

For you...two Carrountohill panoramas of the last two month - a pink sunset followed by a lapislazuli blue fullmoon night with cold feeds...always an amazing place to be... for heart and eyes . Enjoy the day and DON'T DRINK SO MUCH ALCOHOL - better: get drunk by beauty! ( ;

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