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Two lovers without Attachment 05.04.2009

You know what I mean. They just do what they can do best...shining and reflecting. Actually a wonderful symbol giving, receiving, giving back... Any ideas about the connection to human love and beings ( ; ? Whenever you think that you love, check out if you truly behave like the sun. If is not love, just a condition. Remember! You will always be the Sun, your partner will always be the moon and reflect your light. The Sun doesn't need the light of the moon to shine but the sun makes the moon shine. Whatever you see in your partner...this light is coming from YOU! Too abstact? Then make an experiment: smile at your partner with all your love and watch his/her moon face. I am sure it will start to glow and you don't have to wonder is your own pure reflexion. All suns out there...have a lovely s u n day back to Homepage

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