Back from Berlin

Granny and me 20.05.2009

Just back from Berlin. With 28° C and natures' spring-summer fashion, Berlin is at its best! This is my always smiling granny, the cutest little old woman in Berlin. The image is taken with my ignorant mobile camera - it never gets it right. Always good to return to the hometown and always good to leave it behind. I prefer Kerry peace compared to city crazyness. The first few days i always confuse drivers with lifting my finger... until i realize that this is the place of taught ignorance and difficulties to see the difference between lifting the forefinger and middle finger ( ;

There is a new trend in airplanes....exchanging iPods with your freindly seat neighbour. You will leave the airport with new inspiration and empty batteries :D Check out Ray LaMontagne, the sweet voice of Lisa Hannigan, Damien Rice and my name sister Madeleine Peru.

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