Fashion Photography for Felt Artist Wilhelmina Koning by

Commission Photography for Felt Artist Wilhelmina Koning 25.05.2009

Wilhelmina Koning!!! is a magic lady. She is about 60, looks like 30, and creates the most beautiful scarfs and dresses of felt. There is this enthusiasm in her eyes, her studio is full with incredible colour. She and her art is a micacle... She asked me to take photographs of her fashion and i was DELIGHTED. I tried to create a magic mood, emotional fashion (-; , I can tell you - i was high during the photoshots because her design and my mindimages loved eachother. When i presented her the images...we were jumping around like kidz, it was so exciting. I love to work with artist. Enjoy her creations. May it inspire you and your heart.

Full Photo shooting here

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Commission Photographs for Wilhelmina Koning
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