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"How do you sharpen your image for web presentation...."

I received some emails, asking for a adobe photoshop tutorial about optimizing images for web posting, including sharpening methodes. So here we go. As always...very simple with wild english....but you are smart and will get an idea. The following methode is based on Marc Adamus sharpening methode.

Step 01:
You have a big printfile...whatever...300dpi, 3200px wide, adobe RGB or sRGB, 16 bit or 8bit

Step 02:
Reduce original file size to 1600px wide by 72dpi. Dublicate the original layer and apply the basic sharpening plugin of Photoshop. Dublicate this NEW layer again and apply the same sharpening. go ahead.....4-5 times. The image will look a bit strange but don't worry. Reduce the image size to 800px wide or 640 px wide (your choice).

Step 03:
Depending of your image, structure, outlines...deactivate layer by layer until the image looks good to you. Apply your individual watermark - your choice ( ; ... tag your image,
bring it into sRGB and save it as a JPG (use weboptimizer in PS)

Step 04:
check your final image and start posting.

Reducing the original printfile to 800px and using 1x sharpening plugin doesn't bring the best results.....test it by yourself or compare the last 3 images.

OK guys- very easy right? I hope your questions are answered. Enjoy! (Let me know if you still have a problem)
Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage www.calaido.com

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