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The Reason why...

I am a landscape photographer. Because of moments like this! Actually i didn't sleep the night before because i had a feeling in my stomach, that i should wait for the sunrise. You can't see my dark eye shadows and my slightly drunken state of mind but anyway: i was in bliss. Can somebody tell me how not to be in bliss with this divine moment in front of you? Your attention is busy with absorbing the endless space and play of light. Silence....pure silence! i hope the image can remind you how precious nature can be - it will always remind you of your origin. You don't have to name it, you don't have to point on it - actually you CAN'T point on it. You just know - without using the knowledge in your brain. Inner knowing will always put the mind into the right place, which can't be described. Loads of images to come soon - i still didn't find time to process them. I hope you enjoy it ( :
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