• "Unreal" images of nature... believe it or not

"Unreal" Moments of Nature - Made by Nature

I should put a sticker on this kind of images "100% natural" ( ; . So here my thoughts:
(as always: be creative with my english)

Some people asked me if i "manipulate" my images because they look unreal, unbelievable, unnatural, fake - the words they used. I will always answer that with two sentences - edit: three sentences:

1. I am out there when these magic unnatural mindblowing moments happen and capture them
2. I use special techniques to overcome the unsensitiv Cameraship to come close as possible to the real see experience with masterful human eyes.
Believe it or not - it's your choice darlinnn ( ;

So what does that mean? Nature is a playground of many elements and light. Sometimes the combination of them create unbelievable scenery - nobody can imagine them, nobody exspects them, nobody every saw them before. BUT it happens ALL DAY LONG. I use all my attention to "read" nature to be at the right time at the right place, to observe and capture them with my camera. Very often i have to use the methodes of double exposures to overcome the limitation of the camera, to be able to "record" all details in highlights and shadows, which the human eye can see easily but not the camera. The camera has to decide to focus on the dark areas and looses information in the highlights and the other way around. In this way i prefer to say: i have my techniques to increase the potential of capturing the real scene than be happy with what the camera can deal with.

Yesterday the weather was bad, boring, nothing exciting happened with the light. I drove around and as soon as i arrived on the pass, i couldn't believe it.

Light is the colour of nature's master. Nature IS unbelievable, always surprising, always creating, always a superlative, always free of human condition - that's why it is so healthy to spend time in nature ( : because the f_9$%&!+# up mind can let go and be free for a second or two. The Master creations of Nature are mindblowing in every sense. Thoughts will stop, Beauty will arise in you ... and you will feel love...(at least for a second)....for yourself and everything else. You don't have to be aware of it - anyway, it will happen and that's why you will feel great after a day "out there".


Because you forget your own story for a while - this kind of story which you are constantly telling yourself, who you are,what you are, what you did and what you have to do. Everything collapses and you are fee of your past story, your future imagination....and then there is more or less "just" Now. Welcome in the world free of thoughts....you will "feel" one essence .....peace. peace = beauty = love = stillness = mediation......all the same state of mind, just different inaccurate words for it. Right?! Well i think I should return to my main text.

I am a collector of these unbelievable moments in nature - that is my desire and mission ( ;
Living in Kerry is very helpful because the clouds change fast and the landscape form is pure abundance. Being out there as often as possible; knowing the laws of winds and sun, finding great locations---this will increases your chances to witness the daily, unbelievable creations of Nature (:

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