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The Famous Storms of Ireland 27.01.2009

Today was a stormy day - best day for a photographer. I drove into the highlands of County Kerry. There was a massive hail shower passing me. I was waiting in the car and i let it pass. The clouds needed about 20 minutes to arrive at Carrauntuohill but it fullfilled my expectation and created this stunning mystical rainbow. Those are moments where i kneel down in front of nature. The second image i took on my way home. I used a red filter to get details in the clouds and drama in the sky. This cloud wave was breath taking. Enjoy Cheers Madeleine back to homepage

Southwest Kerry Landscape Photography

Welcome Stranger, ENJOY! 26.01.2009

About Madeleine Calaido Weber
Madeleine Calaido Weber is a Fine-Art Photographer, a Graphic Designer, and an Artist, whose passion for art and for life is the energy that carries her through every day. Her main inspiration and motivation lie in the many forms of beauty offered by Mother Nature, which she finds in abundance living in County Kerry, Ireland. She has amassed an impressive list of awards and publications already.

Calaido Resonance
is an art-based business, founded in 2007 by Madeleine Weber in Kerry, Ireland.The goal is to create visual art that will resonate with customers, according to clients’ wishes. This is accomplished through subtle harmonies of Virtual 360° Panoramas and Tours, commercial photography and graphic designs. The name "Calaido" is inspired by the kaleidoscope. The word is derived from the Greek καλός (kalos) which is "beautiful", plus είδος (eidos) meaning "shape", and σκοπέω (scopeο) for "to look at, to examine". For Madeleine, the world is like a kaleidoscope, a play of forms and shapes, mirrored in each other. “In order to create a visually artistic representation which will project your company’s philosophy and your intended message, Calaido Resonance will provide modern visual material to communicate with your customers.” back to homepage


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