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And the Winner is.... 28.02.2009

Stonechat 28.02.2009

Two natural beauties during sunrise. I adore them. My car is full with stones, my pockets as well. My house is filled to the top with them. People get a funny face when i tell them that they are alive. I wonder who of us is crazy ( ; I can tell you that a good stonechat eases your mind, connects you with your roots. In 2005 I spent a lot of time with them and produced a series of images - Landart is my second child and Andy Goldsworthy awoke that way of expression in me - Thanks Andy, I am full with gratitude. My publisher produced a wonderful wallcalendar. Here you can spend some time with the essence of our work. back to Homepage

Irish Landscape Photography by Madeleine Weber

Ireland of the Welcomes & last Images of Horse Photo Shot 27.02.2009

Hey folks, thank you for all your emails, i am glad that the tutorial was helpfull and inspirational. Now don't forget to get your copy of the recent issue of "Ireland of the Welcomes". The publisher sent it to me and I am delighted. Here is a very abstract impression, i can't post the 3 page article because of copyright ( ; The Article includes Panoramas of Waterville, Cahersiveen, Kerry Highlands and Ballinskelligs - some of my favorite images so far./ Finally i processed the last two images of the beautiful horse. I couldn't ask for better light. Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage

Irish Landscape Photography by

A quick HDR Tutorial for Landscape Photography 26.02.2009

Ok Guys, you asked for it and here it comes - the first question: "How did you take the Waterville Sunset Image and why are the colours so brilliant?" The Answer is: HDR Photography! Here some simple steps. As you all know, you need a lot of fantasy to understand my wild english ( : That's why i don't torture you and i will just focus on the mainsteps and created a very simple basic tutorial. Detailed information you will find in the bursting web. Photoshop adjustment layers etc will become an own thread soon. So enjoy and post questions in the comment section if you need to.

What the hell is HDR Photography?

A new crop of technologies using High Dynamic Range imaging expands the normal range of detailed portions of a photograph way beyond the limited range that people are accustomed to seeing with traditional media. HDR images consist of several pictures taken of a single frame, each shot adjusted slightly from a dark exposure to a light exposure, then the pictures are combined into one. This produces a photo in which the darkest and lightest parts of the picture, and everything in between, have full detail. There are no parts of the photo that are too light or too dark. This means that an interior photo of your guesthouse, conference room or spa can have perfect exposure of the featured room’s beauty, as well as having the outside view in all its splendour or the glory of landscapes.

What do I need?

1 - Camera with bracketing options / Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)
2 - Tripod
3 - Landscape (Movement is a big problem for HDR Photography... choose days without wind)
4 - Processing Software (Photomatix and ADOBE Photoshop)

Ok and now?

1 - Choose a scene without movement (no wind, no people)
2 - set up your camera to RAW files!! ( HDR software works with RAW )
3 - set up your AEB to -2 / +2 and take 3 images (make sure that the white balance is similar in all 3 shots. Later you can expand it to 7 images - see examples - but wait until you have more practise)
4 - check the images on your display - you should have a underexposed / overexposed and well balanced image - go home or do it at home ( : )

5 - Download your Raw Files and choose "HDR" in Photomatix (The software will merge them)
6 - the software will offer Tonemapping or compression to adjust the hdr file - i choose tonemapping usually
7 - play around with the 3 mio tabs until you are happy with the image. I create very soft hdr files, all infos are in the file and i will adjust contrast and colours in Photoshop ----

8 - adjust contrast, colour and saturation in Photoshop with adjustment layers until you are happy.

9 - that's it! Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland / Now bring them into a form

Here you can order postcards / folded cards

Any additional Tipps? 1 - stay relaxed with the "strenght option" in tonemapping palette. This will decide if your image will become one of these hdr monsters or a natural looking image 2- use 300% of your attention to get similar moving tripod etc 3 - don't adjust the maincontrast and colour with the tonemapping tool. Try to get a well balanced image in this option and do the mainwork in PS 4 - make sure that you use the same white balance for all images 5 - HDR is famous to unsharp your images...use min f16 / f22 and make sure that the original images are really sharp! 6 - watch out - the horrible cyan skies of HDR Photomatix - additional PS adjustment are necessary....otherwise it looks like a poisoned sky 7 - make sure that the typical "grey layer effect" of the tonemapping tool ("strenght") is under control! 8 - use noiseware software to reduce the .... (don't know that word) ...noise :D 9 - your archive: 1 RAW folder / 1 tonemapped file / 1 Photoshop PSD with adjustments _/ 1 Printfile - save the tonemappe adjustments so that you can start again whenever you see a mistake 10 - Use the Photomatix Fusion option for Tiffs and JPGS, this creates a very realistic light, for some images the better choice than tonemapping! 11 - clouds means trouble because they move. additional blurfilter in Photoshop is needed to get read of the copyoutlineeffect. 12 - that's it. Cheers Madeleine

Irish Landscape Photography by / county Kerry HIghlands, forest, forests

Fairy tail Forest and Winter Light in County Kerry 24.02.2009

Kerry Highlands are pure magic, full with surprises. I found this fairy tail forest, illuminated in sunlight, no wind, no sound, no time. Juni was busy with chaising the elves and lepricons and i just sat there and enjoyed it. This image is taken with my Canon 1DsMarkIII and the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM Lens / HDR / Processed in Photomatix and Photoshop CS3. The details are stunning, though some aberation issues on the left and right. back to Homepage

Second Image is a longterm exposure HDR, taken in January 09. The moving sun beams soften the light which i really welcome. back to Homepage

Tomorrow: Waterville Cottage at Sunset / HDR Tutorial

Rocky Mother and Child 24.02.2009

A sleepy rock and its child enjoying the sunrise and peace of nature, somewhere in County Kerry. Canon 1DsMarkIII / Canon EF 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5 / graduated filter 4 .

Famous Irish Light 24.02.2009

You can never be sure what happens next in Ireland...with the clouds, the sun and the wind. From one second to another....the whole landscape is changing. Like Sunday.... very triste day...until the sun beam appeared. I love that about Ireland. back to Homepage or back to my blog

"Fiann x 5" - Photo shot at Ballinskelligs 23.02.2009

Fiann has so much energy ... it seems that i have to take care of 5 dogs. Commission work. cheers Madeleine back to Homepage or back to my blog

Washed Out Days have Its own Beauty 22.02.2009

Today is one of these days, where colour seems to disappear in Ireland. But....when you look for it you will find beauty everywhere. Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage or back to my blog

"The Red Rider" - Professional Horse Photo Shoot 21.02.2009

This is one of my favorite images of last week Photo Session. This Horse is truly a beauty ...and the beach light as well. I am still processing the rest of the images, so stay updated ( ; Do you have a horse? Call me or write me an email and we will create an artistical Image that will capture the essence of this beautiful specie Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage

My Ring of Kerry Landscape Collection featured at recent Issue of "Ireland of the Welcomes" 20.02.2009

I am happy to announce that few of my best landscape photographs (includes Panoramas as well) of Iveragh Peninsula, County Kerry are published in the recent issue of "Ireland of the Welcomes". I can't wait to see it. Many thanks and blessings to Sean Carberry's enthusiasm ( : back to Homepage

About the magazine: Ireland of the Welcomes is an award-winning magazine that showcases the best of Ireland to the world, published by Harmonia. It has a huge subsciption base in North America as well as readers in Australia and Europe. With its micture of beautiful photography and compelling editorial content it has become a valued friend to many people with Irish ancestry who look to Ireland of their roots and cultural heritage.

Ballinskelligs Bay 20.02.2009

Ballinskelligs Bay is one of my favorite places (must go for everybody) in County Kerry. I return as often as possible. This beach is close to Waterville. These images i took with my old good Canon 20D and the standard 18-55mm EF-S Lens. The first image is a long term exposure of 30 s. Actually it was pitchdark and i had trouble to find my way back. The 2nd and 3rd was taken with 0,5 s shutterspeed during sunset, 4th image captured the most adorable moment in nature for light rays. Enjoy. Cheers Madeleine back to Homepage

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