irish Pet Photography by

Just adorable

These are some of my favorite images. i truly enjoyed all sessions. Pixi, Ben and the "dog without name" back to Homepage

The Rain is back by

The Beauty of Rain

Nature doesn't mind rain as we do! Nature responds with beauty...always. Enjoy.
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Skellig Bay Golf Course Website by

Skellig Bay Golf Course Waterville 21.02.2009

This is one of our recent web design projects with exterior and interior images of this wonderful location. You maybe interested in spending some time there. Here is the link.

Carrauntoohil Sunrise :: famous irish Light

Carrauntoohil Sunrise :: famous irish Light

Slowly i am working through all my images of this amazing morning. Mist + Peace + Sunlight + Irish Shapes... the recipe for Beauty and an excited photographer at 6 am with the surprised sheep.
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Kaleidoscope of Light by

Kaleidoscope of Light

My Company - and Artist name "Calaido" is inspired by the word "Kaleidsocope". The word is derived from the Greek (kalos) which is "beautiful", plus (eidos) meaning "shape", and (scopeο) for "to look at, to examine". For me, the world is like a kaleidoscope, a play of forms, light and shapes, mirrored in each other. This is one of my series....showing the abundance und uniqueness of light. I think the first image desolves the title "Hope". Enjoy M*
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Valentia Rocks... by

Pure Origin

The only constant is Change by

Endless Circles 23.03.2009

Change is the only thing in life which you can be sure! Why not making friendship with the basic rule of life?! Photography is a wonderful methode to relax about that... because "light" is your main subject... and nothing changes so fast as light and nothing surprises you so much. It's like a daily birthday. I love that about my job!

Horizons are a special view on life...a permanent invitation of nature to feel the endless expanding of it to become aware that future and past are "just" stories. Sun beams happen now and will be gone soon. So you better be here right now or you will miss it. "Now" is your experience, now is filled and felt by your senses....but received by your being, which is beyond any light, form, sound or scent. Now is a unique creation of light and form before it will transform to another play. Spend some time with these images and you will know...not information knowledge....knowing without using words and thoughts! ( :

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The golden Skelligs

The Golden Skelligs

Gratitude by

Sunrise at Old Bridge, Cahersiveen

The last 3 days were just stunning. I took mio of images and still need to find time to process them. In the meanwhile i will post some of my "old" favorites. This image arrived last summer at 5am. There is something special about mornings. It is a feeling...somehow a big invitation to feel gratitude in front of these arisings. I am sure we all share this experience Enjoy Madeleine
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