• The smiling Crocodile

....with beautiful Eyes

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• The Old Barracks & The Oratory Gallery Cahersiveen Co. Kerry

Heritage Centre Old Barracks & The Oratory Gallery

The Oratory is an old protestant church situated in Cahersiveen on the beautiful Ring of Kerry which has been converted to an Art Gallery.
Established in 1985 initially as a craft shop and tourist information point, The Oratory Gallery is now fully dedicated to promoting art in the south Kerry region . The proprietor Áine O’Driscoll, an artist herself , is actively involved in selecting only the best art to be displayed in the gallery.
There is also a Café run by Áines daughter Aoife providing a full lunch menu where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful art that surrounds you.

The Old Barracks was constructed between 1870 and 1875 and served as the Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks. It has an interesting history which can be further looked at in the information page.
Today it serves as a Heritage Centre for the Iveragh Peninsula. It is home to various exhibitions that relate to the local area, including The Great Southern and Western Railway, The Life and Times of Daniel O'Connell, The Fenin Rising of 1867, The 1916 Rising and Monsignor Hugh O' Flaherty (The Scarlet Pimpernel). back to Homepage www.calaido.com

•Divine Creatures by www.calaido.com

Sea Horses 28.08.2009

Look how beautiful they are. They are surrounded by a timeless aura. I can't point on it but there is a hidden fascination about them - pure elegance. Enjoy. Madeleine
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• Maha Photo shooting Galway

First few images 21.02.2009

Last week i posted the "making of images" of our wonderful Connemara Photo Shooting with Musician Maha. Here the first few images...more to follow. back to Homepage www.calaido.com

•Calendar available

Calendar available in Cahersiveen

My XXL Panorama Landscape Wall Calendar 2010 of Soutwest Ireland (68cm x 28cm) Calendar is available in Quike's Newsagent and Montbretia Shop, Cahersiveen Mainstreet/Churchstreet for 19.95 Euro or contact me (izense@gmail.com). Enjoy
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• Fine Art Print Feedback by www.calaido.com

Buddhas & Dogs

"Buddha by Moonlight"

John Sweeney ordered 2 of my Fine Art Prints and wrote me a wonderful feedback. It is always a pleasure for me to see how/that inspiration travels from one being to another with the methode of art. Thank you John, I hope they will always send you loads of energy for your own art.
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by John Sweeney

"The tranquil beauty of Buddha by moonlight just fills me with peace and serenity every time I look at it.

I get such an artistic connection from this image of Peter’s dog. The perfectly cropped and balanced composition focusing on those beautiful intelligent eyes makes it an amazing capture.

Keep doing what you love, it shows.

• Juni Weber

Our new Buddy Icon ( ;

My little Girl and me...happily united somewhere in Galway
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• Lakelands Guesthouse Waterville - Flyer Design

Lakelands Guesthouse Waterville

This is my recent flyer design for the beautifully located Lakelands Guesthouse Waterville, Co. Kerry. I included all my interior and exterior Photographs and designed a detailed 3D map of the Lough Currane. To see my website design and the virtual 360° Panorama click here www.lakelandshouse.com

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• Annabel Williams Award

Award Ceremony in Gettyimage Gallery London

Finally I can show the Award Ceremony Image, which i mentioned in some of my last posts Announcement & Ceremony... somehow i didn't manage to get my eyes open. :D I truly enjoyed to meet Annabel - a very happy and inspirational person to me. M* back to Homepage www.calaido.com

• CD Cover Photo Shooting in Galway

The Making of... 22.08.2009

Just back from the rough and beautiful County Galway. My assistant caught some moments of our exciting and wonderful 2 days photo shooting at the sea with the gorgeous musician Maha. I guess that my passion made me walk into the water with my cloth still on: f */%&ox cold it was .... The final choices aren't made but soon i will upload the results. Stay tuned.....300 images have to be minimized to 7... i have always trouble with that.

Here a little sneak preview to make you curious ( ;
Enjoy, Madeleine
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• Lotus

Pink meets Green

I just adore this flower. Cheers, Madeleine back to Homepage www.calaido.com

•Galway National Park

Heading North 16.08.2009

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•My Panorama Ireland Calendar 2010 available now!

"Die Grüne Küste Irlands 2010 Panoramakalender"
68cm x 28cm

My panoramic Ireland Calendar 2010 is available at www.amazon.de (international delivery available) ---> Click here
For Locals: Calendar are available in Quike's Newsagent and Montbretia Shop, Cahersiveen for 19.95 Euro or contact me (izense@gmail.com). Cheers, Madeleine

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• Flower Art

Lotus & Hibiscus

Finally going through my images and these two catched my eyes immediatly. I think the beauty of the flowers speak for themselves.
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