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Busy 27.11.2009

Hi Guys, just a quick hello. Very busy with the finalisation of the website and other projects. So no time for processing and posting. Took tons of images in the last 3 weeks - stormy kerry is beautiful. I will be back in a week or two. Here a sneak peak. Cheers, Madeleine
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PS: i am a little bit late with answering all emails. Please be patient - will be back soon. Too much web....

• New Website on the way www.calaido.com

www.calaido.com grows up...

GREAT NEWS: My new website www.calaido.com will be launched mid of December. Can't wait, Can't wait. So stay tuned. ((((:
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• Lough Currane near Waterville

Lough Currane Sunset Panorama

Lough Currane is a beautiful Lake near Waterville - very famous for its sea trouts, brown trouts and saloms. Nature just offered me this stunning moment during my last visit. It looks like a fairy tale lake. I have more images in the bag - have to catch up and process them.
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This Image has great detail. Bigger View here to get a feeling for the stunning location.

• Megalith near Ballinskelligs/ Ireland

Stone Chat 16.November 2009

People enjoyed a sunday evening walk near Ballinskelligs Beach and visited one of the old megaliths, overlooking Ballinskelligs Bay. The sky opened the gates for few minutes and i've got my shot. I went for a silhouette image instead of merging different exposures - it suits the mystical aura which surrounds these ancient megaliths in County Kerry.
The qestion is that: Which spirit is the oldest one? Can you say for sure, it is the megalith? Sure sure?
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• Still waiting for the calendar delivery

... Fr 13. November 2009

The calendars didn't arrive friday - so hopefully tomorrow morning. Will let you know.
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• XXL Highquality panoramic Calendar 2010

Great News 9. November 2009

We will receive a brand new delivery of my soldout calendars until friday!! Sorry for everybody who came and didn't get anything. After the article was printed in kerry's eye, many people came down to find out that all calendars were gone. I will confirm this again on fri if they arrived, in case somebody of you would like to hit the road to get read of the postage costs ( ; Some people asked me if i can sign them: Yes, I will be in Cahersiveen Sat. - you are very welcome. Just give me a call 085.7803273

All details again here

Cheers, Madeleine
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• The Great Skellig - Magic of Light 2


Just few minuted in between ... and the whole scenery had changed. Amazing....
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• Fine Art Print Collection Feedback irish landscape images

Cahersiveen Bridge

Tom O'Sullivan (Vancover/Canada) orded two fine art prints and wrote me a wonderful feedback and story about his childhood memories and what these images mean to him. Thank you Tom, it is always beautiful to see how many emotions the images can awake. I hope they will aways put a smile into your face. Greetings to your lovely family as well. ( :

by Tom O'Sullivan
"Over-The-Water has very many meanings for me. Your wonderful image captures the tremendous scenery north of the bridge. Then the other picture captures the perfect symmetry of the bridge itself, being shrouded in fog isolates it from everything else. These are two very different but powerful images. But fundamentally, the concept of a bridge itself has so many meanings. Bridging the time-frame to when (as a young boy) I used to cycle across the bridge (Over-The-Water) looking north at the beautiful mountains of Clanlinehan and Cnoc na d'Tobar. These images also help bridge the distance I now experience living across the ocean and on the Pacific side of Canada. And there's the generation bridge to my young Canadian kids. Hoping that the will enjoy crossing this bridge and feel as touched by this landscape of their ancestors. A bridge is a great connector. Your pictures have captured this perfectly for me.

Keep capturing these beautiful images!!

Tom o'Sullivan,

• Ireland of the Welcomes features my irish landlightscape photography

"Ireland of the Welcomes" Issue

Finally I managed to scan the beautiful 3 page article in "Ireland of the Welcomes" (March/April Edition, Vol 58 No 2) for all who missed it. Click here to enlarge the file. I am very happy with their image choice and presentation.
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• Kerry's Eye featured my XXL Panorama Calendar

Article 03.11.2009

- new delivery until fri 13 nov ( will confirm that fri evening)
Quirke's Newsagent - Mainstreet!!

You can order Calendar here
Shipping details (wordwide) here (section "shipping abroad)

Du kannst den Kalendar hier bestellen

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