• Musician Photography Ireland - Kerry / Greg McNamara

CD Cover Photo Shooting

New Photos for the recent CD of
Musician Greg McNamara with view on the Great Skellig Islands. Other images of him you can find here. Some Landscape Images of my recent post, taken at the same location here. Enjoy and happy new year to everybody out there. M*
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• Irish Weather Rainshower

Release 30. Dec 2009

A massiv rain cloud is finding release over the atlantic, surrounded by sunbeams and amazed rocks, County Kerry, Ireland. Somehow i couldn't make up my mind if i prefer the colour version or black & white. I am sure both images have their unique lovers. Enjoy!

Stock License & Fine Art Print here

Stock License & Fine Art Print here

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• Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots

After watching the brilliant, stunning AVATAR, I found myself without a CAR. Wonderful Christmas - nobody told me, that I would give a crazy guy my car as a xmas present. Now back to roots - where is the donkey. Kerry is biiiiiiiig without a car. Let's see what's around the corner. Hope you all got usefull presents and some peace. Cheers, Madeleine
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• 62 new Ireland Panoramas County Kerry Iveragh Peninsula

New Panoramas added 22.02.2009

I added 62 Panoramas today - you may enjoy the fullscreen slideshow. Click on the little square arrow icon for 1000px wide images. The Panoramas have beautiful details.

Keywording, image catalogues etc are painfull but they have to be done. The web just understands text and never saw an image before. Enjoy M*
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• German Magazin "Irland Edition" features my panoramic Calendar 2010

"Irland Edition" 21.12.2009

The recent issue of the german magazine "Irland Edition" features my panoramic XXL Wallcalendar. Check it out. M*

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• Irish Highland Forest + Virtual 360 Panorama Ireland

Magic Fairy Tail Forest 18.12.2009

I finally found time to process the virtual Panorama. I took the images in January last year on two days. One day was very misty and it created that magical light, the other day was crystal clear. I already posted the big magic forest image. Now you can enjoy the place with my virutal Panorama ( ;
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Print & Stock license here

Click here for the virtual Panorama and find the forest icon in the gallery

• Calaido Image featured by earthshots.org


What a great surprise to see my image pop up in the google widget of earthshots.org. Recently I came across that site - a display of daily new spectacular images. Thank you! Here is the link

Earth Shots Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

NOTE: My Website Gallery www.calaido.com is in the midst of a scheduled site upgrade on the 17th Dec (thursday). Please check back friday. Thank you for your patience
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• Maha Mahiara Tabatia VI

Cd Cover Shoot - new Image 21.02.2009

Hi Guys, I am sure some of you will remember about my wonderful photoshooting with musician maha tabatia in August this year - I already posted some images. Now i found time to process another one. Still more to come. I hope you like it. To catch up with the earlier posts - here the links: "Making of " / Maha II / Maha III / Maha IV / Maha V

This image series will be presented in her CD Booklet - You can get an impression of her beautiful music on her myspace page here. The mood of the images go along with the theme of her music as water, mermaid dreams and her relation to nature's elements. Her Album is called: "To my husband - the Aquarius". I will let you know as soon as the cd is available. Enjoy, Madeleine

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• Virtual 360 Panorama Ireland - Cill Rialaig Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry, Ireland

Cill Railiag Artist Retreat Centre

Cill Rialaig is an artist colony founded by Noelle Cambell-Sharpe. It is located on cliffs over looking the Atlantic near Ballinskelligs, Co Kerry, Ireland. For many artist it is a wonderful place to let go of all-day-life and being emerged into the world of nature and inspiration. A Virtual Panorama you can view here I hope you enjoy. Madeleine

Print / Stock License here / Virtual 360° Panorama here / Weblicense VR 360° Pano here

• Some Addition

...some additons

• Vr 360 Tour Ireland - Tourist Attraction in Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland - Eightercua Standing Stones Alignment

Eightercua Standing Stones Alignment

Eightercua is a four-stone alignment (stone-row) Megalithic tomb, located 1.5 km south-south-east of Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland. The tallest stone reaches 9 feet in height, and the alignment streaches for twenty five feet in an east-west direction. Surrounding artifacts, including remains of a possible tomb and an ancient enclosure, suggest that the site had a ritual purpose at one time. Eightercua is thought to originate from circa. 1700 BC, and by tradition is the burial place of Scéine, wife of the leader of the Milesian invaders, Amergin mac Míled Quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eightercua

Print & Stock License here / Virtual 360° Panorama here / Weblicense VR 360° Panorama here

• Internationale Kalenderschau Stuttgart 2010 & International Aperture Awards 2009

Great News 14. Dec 2009

And here are great news: yesterday i learned that my southwest kerry panorama calendar 2010 won a silver medal in the prestigious Calender Show Stuttgart 2010/ Germany ("Internationale Kalenderschau Stuttgart 2010"). What an honor! Every year the most professional german publishers take part with their new calendar range.

Today I learned that my first entry "skellig light" won the bronze award at the "International Aperture Awards 2009".
I am very delighted about that. Back to the irish Wilderness...

• And always changes the light...

St. Finian's Bay

Today we observed a colourful sunset at St. Finian's Bay. I took images for the new Cover Song CD of my beautiful man and musician Greg McNamara. I will show them soon. Of course i had to take some landscape images as well ( ; The light was changing fast from pink to purple to soft blue grey. The Great Skelligs are nearly united to one island. I also introduce my new image detail presentation. I hope you like it. Enjoy, Madeleine
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rc070-print or stock license here

sk040-print or stock license here

sk042-print or stock license here

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