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This is our recent Website Design Project, SacredBeauty.org, featuring a selection of my images. Have a look and enjoy the wonderful music of Deva Premal & Miten

Sacred Beauty is about empowering individuals to see their unique gift and awaken to the love, beauty and strength that lies within all of us. It's about discovering the sacred within each and everyone of us. By reading your unique vibrational essence, I will help you embrace the beauty and truth within you. We call this soul evolution. Sacred Beauty is a bespoke, discreet, personal one-to-one service, based on respect, understanding and strict client confidentiality.

The mission of Sacred Beauty is to change the world, one person at a time. Once we awaken to the brilliance of our unique gift, to the truth, love and beauty that lies within, we can then evolve our gift, whatever it may be, to make the world a better place.
Beauty within creates beauty without. Once you are awakened to your sacred beauty, I will guide you to use it in your own life to the benefit of others; to family, friends, the wider community, nature and the environment, to help transform the world in which we live.....


Cheers, Madeleine
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