• Kerry Storms III

Close, Closer, Closest

Waves are quickly underestimated in its force, based on your perspective. The first image shows the busy sea but it seems that the waves are small. Getting closer, the baby waves turn into monsterwaves, getting closer again...the waves present you their real power.... and the beauty within. NOTE: I see many photographers being headless and going to dangerous locations in order to get a "close up"..actually it could be their last. All images are taken with a tele and a good distance to the action scene. I also watched the location for about 30 min in order to analyze the breath rhythm of the sea....as you know there is this one big wave coming here and there...which comes as a surprise to us but is actually based on a rhythm (as everything in nature). So always keep your head clear, don't be a headless chicken and try to get close with intelligence and not your body ( ; (if you honor your life).
Enjoy, Madeleine
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