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Slowly we are upgrading the design and software for each community page of southwest kerry. Valentia Island is the first one - I also added some of my imagery in the header. Hope you like it and may it attract many many visitors to enjoy the beauty and magic of County Kerry.


Cheers, Madeleine
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Valentia is South Kerry's best kept secret, a haven for anyone needing to get away from it all.
There is something for everyone in Valentia!

For the thrill seekers we have water sports, sailing, kayaking, abseiling and even a water trampoline. Our world renowned dive sites have even been featured in the National Geographic magazine. There are plenty of opportunities to spend the day fishing with local skippers or take a boat trip to the magnificient Skelligs

For those wanting to recharge the batteries you can sit back in a Knightstown cafe and sip your Cappucino while the village gently bustles around you. Or wander along the cliffs and enjoy the breathe taking scenery of the western part of the Island..

Come and eat in our friendly inviting Restaurants serving local produce and the freshest of seafood!! Finish the night in one of our lively bars. Check out the accommodation section for a range of places to stay.
Valentia develops a fever in the hearts of those who come here from which they never recover and they keep coming back - rain or shine - year in year out....

• Love Attack

Love Attack

First the feeling, then the idea, then the action, then the experience, then the shared feeling.
That must be true love between Greg and Juni ( ;
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• Pink Sheep Chat

Pink Sheep Chat

Juni enjoying her new job and making some friends with pink punk sheep at the cliffs. I had the impression that everybody had a big smile...Juni exchanging some gossip of the town.
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Bigger view here

more images of "sheep" here

• Owl Hunter

Owl Hunter

I probably switch to wildlife photography... ( : after getting the chance to capture this moment. ( ;....more to come.
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... I had a little bit of fun ... this is an image of my trip to the "naturkunde museum" in Berlin ( ;
But i was very impressed how REAL it looked like.

• Monkey Dogs and Throw Practice - Pet Photography

Monkey Dogs and Throw Practice

I didn't know that my dog can climb a tree. You have to know that Juni was born in a circus. That means she has bravery in her blood. Somehow I managed to throw the ball into the top of the tree and smart little juni didn't see any problem. There is a little break between image no5-6...actually i was thinking, run and catch or get the picture. Juni would do anything to make sure that fiann doesn't get her holy ball. Dogs! By the way: Fiann was still searching on the ground for the ball....mhhh some dogs are bornsmarter than the others ( ;
Cheers, Madeleine
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bigger image here

• Year Book SWPP / Category Pet Photography

"Fiann x 5" - one of three finalists in 2009

"Fiann x 5" made it into the final three and also appeared in the year book of SWPP 2009 / Category Pet Photography. Very happy.
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• Gold Award for Majesty Carauntuohill

Gold for the Mountains & Stars

"Majesty Carauntuohill" won Gold (SWPP). A golden moment of Nature it was- for sure.
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• Website Design County Kerry - sacredbeauty.org


This is our recent Website Design Project, SacredBeauty.org, featuring a selection of my images. Have a look and enjoy the wonderful music of Deva Premal & Miten

Sacred Beauty is about empowering individuals to see their unique gift and awaken to the love, beauty and strength that lies within all of us. It's about discovering the sacred within each and everyone of us. By reading your unique vibrational essence, I will help you embrace the beauty and truth within you. We call this soul evolution. Sacred Beauty is a bespoke, discreet, personal one-to-one service, based on respect, understanding and strict client confidentiality.

The mission of Sacred Beauty is to change the world, one person at a time. Once we awaken to the brilliance of our unique gift, to the truth, love and beauty that lies within, we can then evolve our gift, whatever it may be, to make the world a better place.
Beauty within creates beauty without. Once you are awakened to your sacred beauty, I will guide you to use it in your own life to the benefit of others; to family, friends, the wider community, nature and the environment, to help transform the world in which we live.....


Cheers, Madeleine
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• Did you see the moon?


I captured some stunning moments the last 5 days. Did you see the big big golden moon arising? I have so many images that i don't know where to start. So will start to post soon as i get grip. I hope you all spend time out there. Magic moments week!
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• Valentia Lighthouse, Begenish Island and Cahersiveen

Kerry's Rainbows 2.03.2009

I felt blessed to arrive at the right time to capture this stunning double rainbow. Valentia Lighthouse and Begenish Island are getting their last sunbath for the day. Click here to see zoom in - the details are very attractive. Enjoy, Madeleine
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Click here to see zoom in

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