• Peter's Place Cafe Flyer & Images

Peter's Place Cafe

Recent Flyer, Business Card Design and some exterior shoots of Peter's Place in Waterville. Some of my images are on display. See also my recent post with some additional images here - make sure to call in...very original place to eat, talk, think and sleep ( : Cheers, Madeleine

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• Kerry goes Pink

Kerry goes Pink 29.04.2010

Kerry was embraced by some sunny and misty days last week and created some beautiful light performances - I hope you all kept an eye on it as it will never return........ but it will be always followed by new superlatives. I love this about nature. ( :

A big pink ball rolled over kerry mountains - and turned the water into something otherwordly - truly surreal but real. Enjoy. back to Homepage www.calaido.com

• Landscape Photography Workshops one-to-one Co. Kerry

One-to-One Landscape Photography Workshop 13.04.2010

Pieter and I enjoyed a one-to-one teaching out in Nature. We were blessed with wonderful weather and Pieter learned everything about the main secrets of professional landscape photography, how to read nature and how to understand the laws of light and went back home with a bunch of stunning light performances and a head full with processing tips and the little secrets of finding the right composition for each image. Soon I will post some of these images and pieter in action.

Thanks to you Pieter for such a beautiful, intense and funny day - Juni enjoyed it too. And thanks for cleaning my diiiiirty camera sensor. Finally no flying objects in the sky anymore. I hope your german improved as well ( ;

Cheers, Madeleine
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• Peter's Place Cafe, Waterville

Peter's Place Cafe, Waterville

Enjoyed the beautiful sunset at Peter's Place Cafe in Waterville. There are also some of my images at display. Call in and enjoy his bakery and mystical landscapes of southwest Kerry. You won't forget it!
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• After the Rain

After the Rain

Finally the sunshine arrived in Kerry and stormy waters calmed down and created little moments of art. Did you notice them already? ( ;
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• Valentia Island Lighthouse Panorama County Kerry Ireland

Zoomin Valentia Island Lighthouse

I didn't post images for a while - very busy with my project ( ; I took this image 2 weeks ago. The day didn't look promising - however nature always surprises. Towards the evening the sky relaxed a bit and the sun got a chance to form the mountains. The shape of the mountains and the play of shadow and light add a 3rd dimension to the image. Use the zoom in tool to see stunning details. (give it few seconds to load and use fullscreen option)
(sorry for the watermark but uploading highresolution images requires this)
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• Happy Eastern

Happy Eastern

I hope everybody had a Happy Eastern. I don't have to post a bunny right? Now back to work ( ;
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PS: thank you for the great feedback for www.visitvalentiaisland.ie - happy you like it

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