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Wilhelmina Koning featured / Nationwide RTE

Feltdesigner and my dearest friend, Wilhelmina Koning, was featured in nationwide RTE - in case you missed it...here the link. This woman is a sun. I took some fashion images for her. who ever will be in touch with her or her creations will be madly IN LOVE with it AND her ( ;

Nationwide RTE features Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina Koning website

and here some info about her:

Wilhelmina Koning works as a textile designer in Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry. She specialises in felt making. Felt is a non-woven fabric (the oldest fabric in the world). First the raw fibres are blended together to a recipe that will give the required characteristics of felt. These include softness, hardness and wear resistance. Wool is the basic raw material, although other vegetable and man-made fibres can be included to obtain special effects.

She gives this ancient technique of felt making a new modern approach and creates the most wonderful pieces of fabrics, wraps and garments, also using different fabrics like leather and silk to match or combine with the felt. The fabrics and clothes are for sale from her studio in Cahersiveen. You can also order a piece to suit your own taste or style.

Here some images of our colaboration

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• Rainbow Dog

Rainbow Dog

Juni enjoying some sky sugar. My pot at the end of the rainbow ... with loads of blond hair.

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