• Scarriff Islands with Moon

Scarriff Islands with Moon

Last night the half moon was resting above Scarriff Islands before disappearing behind the misty clouds. Luckily I had my camera with me to capture this fairy tale moment. Juni & Angel were snorring in the back of the car.
I attached some details as well.

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• Gismo - Pet Photography County Kerry


John's adorable puppies - visited beautiful derrynane with even more beautiful puppies to capture them before they go to their new homes. Here image no 1 - "Gismo" ... and I can tell that the name matches his character....somebody gave him food after 12. ( ; ... sweet little devil.

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• Irish Wife Carrying Championships in Sneem

They did it again!

Congrats John & Aoife. The Irish Wife Carrying Championships Champions for the last 2 years, John O’Shea and Aoife Desmond did it again. It took place in Sneem, Co. Kerry on the 24th of July. I really enjoyed our photo session after my emotional adaptation to this surprising sport. ( :

Cheers, Madeleine
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• New Arrival

New Arrival in the House of Weber

New Arrival - Angel....my future assistant. Maybe some training upfront ( ;
Juni is a lovely big sis. Angel is a mix of lab, border collie, some kind of terrier and rottweiler (i assume). She is absolutly adorable, very smart and mostly very relaxed. Judging her paws...she will be tall. Time to show her the world of sound, scent, taste, form and love ( :
Juni and I feel blessed.

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