• On a beautiful friday evening

On a beautiful friday evening...
On a beautiful friday evening a desperate tourist was trying to explain to the pharmacist, that there is a baby kitten in front of the closed doors of the credit union cahersiveen. It happened that i was listening to her difficult german-english (worse than mine - yes possible). I watched through the window and saw this tiny little life trying to crawl up the window - so desperately.

Many people noticed the kitten....and passed by with blind eyes. tzzzz. However, baby kitten is now here at home and got 2 sisters, juni and angel, who are deeply in love with it.

After few days i found the right name for it based on its eating habbits. Gismo. Why? Because he eats like a gremlin who got food after 12pm. Gismo is about 4 weeks old and has still the blue kitten eyes. He is very self-confident, fearless and crawls up my jeans to watch out for his food. He used the cat toilet from day one (who taught him that??), takes out his little sword and tries to fight the giant monster dog angel.....who is full with love for little Gismo.

Well enjoy the images. he is such a funny little guy. More to come for sure.

we still have some other name options - so let me know what you think? does he look like a Gismo?? or

(1) Charlie
(2) Boji
(3) Haase
(4) Majesch
(5) Booboo

Enjoy, Madeleine
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