• Rainbow Dogs, Tennis Balls and a bunch of thoughts and more

Rainbow Dogs, Tennis Balls and a bunch of thoughts and more

Same beach, same time...just a change of perspective. Mhhh...what could that mean for life...I wonder ( ; The appearance of duality creates abundance and contrast. It is your choice how to look at it. ....I am pretty sure Juni and Angel didn't care a lot about storm or rainbow. All they had in their mind was a neon yellow tennis ball ( ; To be a human being is not that bad if you know how to enjoy and handle IT.

We are born without an instruction manual but equipped with an inner guidance system. It will be covered and recovered along the road. Our parents put all their right and wrong knowledge into our brains and gave us a silent heart teaching. Then you leave the nest (or you get kicked out ( ; ) and you have to deal with all the appearances on your own. Whatever pops up in front of you, does it for the purpose of learning. Learning how to handle it. If it gives you pain and unhappiness, adjust your perspective. It is all written into nature but nobody really cares that nature is a big book. Look towards west and you deal with a storm, look towards east and you get enchanted by a rainbow. Now unit both directions and be fine with getting wet and at the same time enjoy the rainbow. That is what the masters call "Make peace with the conditions of the now. Don't run off into the future or past, be here and be ok with it. Don't be sad after the rainbow disappeared, don't be too happy after the storm passed. Find the middle and be friends with both dual appearances. Nothing will stay forever, everything will change. Always. That's for sure". Move with it and don't forget to enjoy your trip ( ;

World of contrast

Now: to confuse everything written above: Who sees the storm, Who is amazed by the rainbow, Who is reading this text right now, Who is asking all these questions? Did you ever ask yourself this question?
The unspoken answer will put everything, every word, every image, every feeling...everything into the non-dual existence. Pure, indivisible consciousness. If you are "aware" how to be the rainbow, the storm, the beach, the dog, the ball, the camera and the photographer at the same time without having a name or history ...you are expanding into the "all-that-is".

...I wonder how it feels like to be a tennis ball in angels mouth ;D

Looking good from both sides of life

Btw: Animals are always in the now. I never saw juni or angel contemplating about life, drifting away in her thoughts, complaining about rain or starring at the rainbow. In that moment only one thing counted: Who is the boss here? I guess you will have an idea ;D

Who is your boss and who holds the ball?
Enjoy, Madeleine
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