• Irish Woodland field covered in bluebells, County Kerry, Ireland :: cloigín gorm

Spring in Killarney - blue bells everywhere

I was fortunate enough to find this beautiful bluebell (irish: cloigín gorm or coinnle corra) field on a sunny day in Killarney National Park. You literally can see the fairies flying around. There is always something magical about these lavender-blue flowers. I hope everybody - as long as you wish for - will be able to sit quit in a field of bluebells and just be. Treat this protected species with respect, don't walk all over the field like an elephant. ( ;

I took trillions of images - this is my first processed image.Seen from the perspective of a photographer...woodlands are tricky . Its light and "transparency" is a challenge, photo cameras have a hard time to capture the subtile contrast.

I highly recommend to view the bigger version HERE to see all the details...as they are stunning. Nature is some kind of magician

Enjoy, Madeleine
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