• Windy Kerry

On a Windy Day in Kerry

..You will see the sea, wild and unstoppable.
Enjoy, Madeleine

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• Another grey day

Grey Days

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• House of obsession

On a rainy day...
... when nature is hiding behind grey layers of air - you turn around and look for beauty in your surrounding. And you will find.

There is Mr. Duda aka Mini Gizmo (full story here), strong and fat, obsessed with Angel and food.

He started that size ( ;

There is Lilou with pure intelligence in her eyes, obsessed with me and cuddles.

There is Leni, happy to be alive and happy to be a cat, obsessed with the torn string of the wäscheleine.

There is Angel, fully grown up, shiny like hell, obsessed with balls.

There is Juni, sweet and smart, peace keeper of the cats, obsessed with her xxl bone. =)

And then there is me, obsessed with nature.
I guess they all share this with me. Although i think that they appreciate it in a different way. Do dogs care about rainbows?

Enjoy, Madeleine
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• Wow


NOTE: 1. March 2012

Blue Sky over Ballinskelligs- not a single cloud! At least for 5 hours. ( : As a photographer, I rarely get excited about a blue sky. For me as a human being.... I am freaking out, wow, gorgeous, amazing, did you see THAT?!. For all people out there, in a small office with small office windows, for Philip & Nadine, for all people in different parts of ireland that didn't see the so called "normal sky" .... here an image to remember and to enjoy. I hope we get 3 more days like this in 2012. That would make me happy. Only 3 days instead of 1. Please.

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