Star Wars Film Crew leaves Portmagee Harbour - filming on Skellig Michael

Star Wars Film Crew on Skellig Michael, County Kerry, Ireland

I didn't go to Portmagee Harbour in the morning as I didn't want to stalk the busy film crew. The word on the street was - that the harbor was full with photographers and overly excited tourists.

Instead I drove to Valentia Island and The Glen in the afternoon to see what was going on from a far. Empty Boats were leaving Portmagee Harbour around 4pm to - I guess - pick up some members of the film crew which were already on Skellig Michael. The helicopter, which is believed to have carried J.J. Abrams to Skellig Michael, returned or arrived to finally bring him out to the location. I don't know what kind of ship the large one to the left is, but it looks impressive. To the right of Skellig Michael you can see 2 boats approaching. Now we have to trust that the crew will do some magic in collaboration with Skellig Michael's mystical and beautiful nature without disturbing the wild life too much and by treating the island and every little tiny rock with the greatest respect. The weather certainly gave its blessing as it turned from moody to sunny towards the afternoon. And now it's a beautiful evening.

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UNESCO Heritage Site Skellig Michael County Kerry Star Wars VII Movie Location

Skellig Michael County Kerry Star Wars VII Movie Location

We have had many visitors to the Skelligs over the years, but we've never had one quite like this! ( ;

** ** ** ** SKELLIGS GO STAR WARS ** ** ** **

A sequence for the new Star Wars VII movie, which will be released in 2015, is being filmed on the UNESCO Hertiage Site Skellig Michael (The Skellig Islands) in the coming days. As a result, Skellig Michael will not be open to the public for a number of days. A crew of around 80 film people will create some magic while there. If the upsurge of New Zealand tourism is anything to go by, due to the 'Lord Of The Rings' Trilogy, we may be very fortunate with the arrival of Star Wars to The Skelligs, in the coming years.
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